As O Coringa (or the 'Joker' in English), Nelson Aguiar is passionate about the magical arts. His inspirations are popular national and international magicians alike, such as David Blaine, Criss Angel, Cyril Takayama, Jeff McBride, Michael Ammar, Issao Imamura, Markan, Bianco, Geraldin, Bojano and others. Aguiar started learning magic when he was just 17 years old. He took three months of researching about magic and reading self-study textbooks, one month course of magic with SOCAN ('Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada'), and six months of practice and dedication to the magical arts.

Having only practiced magic for two years, O Coringa devoted himself to making a video which was shot on the streets of Salvador, Brazil. Impressed by his talent, his skills in magic is widely recognized by local children and adults alike. He is admired by many people, and he definitely gives great excitement to his audience whenever he performs. His dedication and expertise in magic have earned him the cover of the Brazilian newspaper 'A Tarde' in May 19, 2003. Shortly after that, he was then chosen to take part in the program entitled Domingão do FaustÃo (Big Fausto's Great Sunday), a Brazilian talk show which airs every Sunday.

Now as a 25 year-old-magician, O Coringa has participated in several radio and television programs such as 'For Women Only' (Radio Metropolis) and 'Good D+' (Rede Record). Aguiar has also provided magical services in various areas, especially during the celebration of the 'Children's Day' in the poor village of Buracica, Brazil (the event was sponsored by Petrobras through ANHANGÁ Environmentalist NGOs). Demonstrating his charisma and versatility as a magician, his talent has been showcased in several large companies, restaurants, hotels and conferences as well. As one of the best handlers of Bahia, O Coringa has also received invitations to participate in various fairs and conventions.